ELBSF: Ethel L. Banks Scholarship Fund(R)—Today's minds, Tomorrow's future (R)
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About Us

The Ethel L. Banks Scholarship Fund (ELBSF) is a 501 (C)(3) tax-deductable non-profit which promotes higher education of minority students by distributing scholarships for qualified students going to college. Established in 2007, ELBSF has provide over 5 years of scholarships. We are supported by several businesses, partnering non-profits and organizations.

Mission Statement

To forge partnerships building a leading Scholarship organization that supports and encourages all students to pursue higher education, thereby developing future leaders who will contribute back to their communities, and ultimately, strengthening America.


Our vision is to see that all high school students who wish to pursue higher education have that opportunity, regardless of their ethnicity, national origin or financial means.