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2016 ELBSF Retreat

"Today's Minds, Tomorrow's Future®" Retreat
Friday, June 3-5, 2016
Downtown Houston, TX

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Scholar Profiles

2015 ELBSF Awardees List
List of and information about the awardees.

Scholar Profiles
In-depth profiles of some of our ELBSF scholars. Our newest profile is Lorena A. Mitchell, 2012 ELBSF Scholar.

The Ethel L. Banks Scholarship Fund

We are in a time when a college degree is comparable to a high school diploma. The minimum entry-level requirement for 75% of well-paying careers is a bachelors degree. ELBSF plays a critical role in assisting low-income students each year. We provide an avenue for high school students to transition to college and get the education they want and deserve. To close the educational attainment gap, we assist promising students in the opportunity to attend college.

In addition, the Ethel L. Banks Scholarship Fund supports strengthening the capacity of historically black colleges and universities in the areas of fund raising, enrollment and retention, academic programming and faculty development, financial management, historic preservation of campus facilities, executive leadership and governance.


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The Scholarship Application is now open. Click to download.